Saturday, April 21, 2007

T Updates

This is a brief post about the T an things I've noticed. My dose this cycle was only 0.4 mL since I was at the end of my bottle, and didn't want to get out the new one for just 0.1 mL. I thought I'd see how this even lower dose affacted me.

Also, food has been tasting really bland to me. I can still taste sweet and bitter, but I ate a chili yesterday, and E. says it was spicy enough that she wasn't going to eat another one straight. I ate about 5 or 6 of them -- I even suked on a couple -- but I didn't taste anything spicy at all. Food tastes bland and not very exciting. I don;t know if it's related to the T or not. My brother lost his sense of taste at some point, but I think it was from losing his sense of smell, and recurrent allergies.

Also, I wonder if I'm more impatient now, on the T. I want things to be efficient. I have a harder time listening to people -- it takes more energy and and focus.

And yet my focus is better since I'm meditating more. Also, I seem to meditate better if I haven't masturbated recently. But sometimes, if I don't masturbate, I can't do anything. A conundrum.

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