Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Spiritual Science

My spirituality and science have never been in opposition to one another. In fact, one often bolsters the other. For instance:

I have over time noted that the more centered I am, the more grounded I am in the present moment and in myself, the better life becomes for me. I have heard it explained that if you take care of yourself (eat right, focus your energy inwards, meditate and be present in the moment), then you will send a message to the universe that says you are valuable, worthy, and grateful for the good things that are going to happen to you, and then good things DO happen to you. Some say that to be grateful ahead of time shows confidence and faith in future good fortune. I do try to eat right, I exercise with yoga a few times a week, and I try to meditate every day for about an hour.

While meditating, I was struck with this scientific observation. When meditating, I am focusing my energy inward. In a sense, I am trying to gather all the flying energy of my brain (Monkey Mind, some call it), and bring it into focus. What I am doing, really, by bringing all of this free-flying energy to one small, concentrated area, is I am increasing my spiritual density.

Dense objects have more gravity. They have more pull.

By focusing inward, an increasing my spiritual gravity, I am pulling more things, events, experiences, fortune towards myself. So even though our first instinct might be to reach out for something we want, it actually makes more sense to reach IN for what we want.

Examples of this in use are the age old, you can't find a romantic partner when you're looking, but the moment you stop needing to find someone to date, three show up at your door. There are numerous other examples. Some would call it Murphy's Law, but it's just that our first instict to reach out and grab what we want actually brings us off our center and makes it harder for us to achieve our goals.


Bengali Chick said...

Doing yoga and meditating have honestly made me so much happier. It's remarkable.

D. said...

meditating especially for me. have you tried Vipassana?

Bengali Chick said...

Is that insight meditation? I'm going to InsightLA ( for a community meditation. I'm excited:)

D. said...

No, Vipassana is supposed to be the oriinal technique taught by the Buddha, no religious teachings at all, just the technique. And it's kind of hardcore, meaning it's a 10 day intro course and you can't speak for 9 of those days. Here's the website: