Sunday, September 30, 2007

Conversation With My Co-Star

i got cast in a student short film. i'm the lead. it's a sci-fi film with special effects. my "love interest" is a prejudiced, immature, inexperienced, young woman who apparently has had horrible relationships modeled for her.

ME: so how long do we think they've been together?
HER: i don't know, he didn't tell me.
ME: well, if we had to guess based on what we're given?
HER: not long.
ME: because he hasn't met her father yet, yeah, that's what i was thinking, too.
HER: no, because he called her beautiful. no one says that unless they just met.
ME: uh.....?
HER: and how can anyone date a blind person, i don't understand that.
(note -- she's the blind character)
ME: because they love each other.
HER: i mean, if you can't see, how do you even know if you're looking at a girl or a boy?
ME: men and women smell different. and they walk differently, and--
HER: i don't wear perfume.
ME: you still smell different, and--
HER: what if it was a transvestite, how would you know?
ME: i don't think it matters if you love someone.
HER: you would date a transvestite?
ME: if i loved them...
HER: but what if you met i met a guy who used to be a girl?!
ME: um....
HER: i can't believe you'd date a transvestite.
ME: ...
HER: (looking off in the other direction, clearly troubled by her vision)
ME: ... (still in shock, and slightly revolted) ... let's move on then, shall we?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Contributing Editor

Hey T fans! Sorry for the long hiatus. I know that my three devoted readers out there have been after me to update my blog. Well, I'll go halfway today. I'm now a contributing editor on the Transitional Male website, under their T-Male Urban section. I'll ad the site to favs on the right here, and as soon as the article gets posted, I'll put the link in here. I can't publish in both places though.

Life has been good. I'm in DC regularly now, and trying to grow some roots. I've yet to take over the one, local gay bar in Arlington, VA, but I havegone rock climbing once, and I am looking to do some volunteer work with LGBT youth in the DC area.
Also -- I am hopefully going to get surgery in January if I can narrow down my surgeon search and book a date. A friend has loaned me the money and I am so grateful. I didn't realize how much I wanted it until the possibility became real.

More to come.