Wednesday, April 16, 2008

No Post in Long While

Hey peeps, I been traveling all over the Northwest United States, and then down to Florida. The Northwest was an RV roadtrip with a friend, and it was an experience. But all roadtrips are. I would never do it in an RV again, the carbon footprint is appalling. But the land is just beautiful. I don' think a camera could do it justice. And the people were real friendly. I'll get a picture with my new cowboy hat for you to see.

Florida was to see my parents and it was AMAZING in that it was completely ordinary. We played scrabble and cards, ater dinners together, read books, walkied on the beach, talked and laughed. I am so grateful to have had that.

We also saw lots of dolphins from the window of my parents' condo, and that was truly special.

I saw the surgeon, Dr. Fischer, on Monday and I am on schedule healing-wise. There is still some swelling and she's going to see how it is in a few more months, and if it's stubborn, she has injections that will break it up. The nurse said to massage the area around the stitches to help break it up and smooth it out. I'll try and post a picture soon.

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